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Hatha Yoga is the Joining of Mind, Body and Spirit through physical postures called asanas. 

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In many of the teachings it is mentioned that it is important to have a strong foundation. Hatha yoga lends to this strong foundation. 

From Deb:

"This is where I first learned to quiet my mind through relaxing into the poses. They gave me a sense of strength, calm, and embodiment. Qualities that help me tame  my anxiety, self criticism and fears of not being good enough. The physical postures of Hatha Yoga are designed to do that. You just have to show up and try to move into the space of your physical body with awareness. And eventually without judgment. "

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As a member of the Santosha Recovery Sangha, Hatha Yoga classes from Yoga 4 Self Healing are free. Being a member suggests you come to SR meetings. It does not mean you have to come to every meeting but there must be an attempt to come to meetings. Here is a list of class options:

  • Monday afternoon 4:45 St. Kathryn's Parish Center, Ogilvie, MN

  • Thursday mornings 10:00 Sacred Heart Church, Wahkon, MN

  • Tuesday afternoons 4:45 ZOOM

  • Friday mornings 9:00 ZOOM

Please email me for the zoom classes and I will send you a link. You can just drop-in to the in-person classes. ​

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