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Hatha Yoga is the Joining of Mind, Body and Spirit through physical postures called asanas. 

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From Deb:

"This is where I first learned to be in the present moment. When you live a life of non-contentment, you are always grasping for something else or something more. Hatha Yoga allowed me to find peace, calm and embodiment by bringing my awareness to my breath and my physical being as I moved through the postures. Breathing and movement became my focus instead of the stress and challenges of living a life of addiction. The poses gave me a sense of strength, calm, and empowerment to do what I needed to do."

In many of the teachings it is mentioned that it is important to have a strong foundation. Hatha yoga lends to this strong foundation, both physically and mentally. It provides the beginning to a lasting relationship with yourself through awareness, acceptance, and compassion. The practice of Hatha Yoga is so much more than a physical workout or stretching. The practice becomes mindful, energizing, centering and balancing not only our physical body but also our energy body and our intellect. Hatha Yoga allows us to step back from the drama of life to just be, breath and feel. This practice allows the union of mind, body and spirit, which is such a misundertstood concept. When our body, breath and mind are 'on the same page' we allow the unconscious to come forth into the conscious mind. We learn what drives us in a loving and gentle environment. 

This is psychology. This is the union of mind, body and spirit.

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In-person Hatha Yoga Classes that Deb offers weekly in Central MN:


Ogilvie, MN
St. Kathryn's Parish Center
318 S. Hill St.
Mondays at 10:30 AM

Wahkon, MN
Sacred Heart 
225 2nd St. E
Thursdays at 10 AM



$12 Drop-in/class for non-SR members

Or there is a discount if you want to commit and pay for a 6 week session; $54 for a 6 week session.

The classes are no charge to SR Members.

What to Bring:

You will need a yoga mat, blanket and yoga blocks. The yoga blocks can come eventually if you are just trying out a class to see if you like it. Please wear comfy stretch clothing but not to baggy as we do invert a bit. 


What to expect:

The duration of the class is 70-75 minutes.

We will start with a bit of mindfulness, stretching and then strength building Standing poses. Then we will warm down with stretching and a 10 minute Savasana. There may be a short meditation at the end. 

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