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Santosha Recovery is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

All in-person gatherings and all information on the website is free to those seeking contentment in their lives. Website development and maintenance requires money. In-person gatherings will require funds to pay rent paid for a suitable space. Also, I have hopes to have a booklet or book available with the teachings and techniques of Kriya Yoga. 

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to Santosha Recovery. It will help expand the program and expand the amount of people it can reach. My service to Life is to help soften the hearts of humankind and help people awaken to their full potential. I think the program, along with the open mindedness and caring of our communities, can do just that. Let's walk each other home! Leaving no one left behind behind. Shanti (Peace)

Thank You!


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There is another way to donate to SR without spending money. This is through micro donations. There are business' and apps out there that donate a percentage to your favorite charity. It is the new thing. Amazon does this. If you buy from Amazon, they will donate .05% for every dollar you spend. Click on the Go to link and create your account. And then every time you shop just log onto and sign-in. Every dollar you spend, Amazon will contribute to Santosha Recovery. 

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