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About Santosha

Santosha is a Sanskrit word meaning contentment.

Contentment is not about being passive and unwilling to make changes or better our lives! Contentment is having a sense of humility and grace in each moment. We can be having a really bad day, but if we can gather some kind of wisdom or see any kind of light or humor from our experience, then we have conquered self-awareness and self-acceptance. Then we can walk gently and compassionately into the next moment. My hopes for Santosha Recovery is to share with you, the tools to do this. To find meaning in each and every moment. 


As long as we have strong desires for something or even someone, we do not have contentment. The modern world is always seeking for more, so it is no wonder the world is discontent and confused. It is natural to want a good paying job so that you can live in the comforts of a nice home, or seek out a really meaningful relationship. But really strong desires make us lose sight of who we are and why we are living the life we are living. Strong desires turn into disappointment and a feeling of failure if we do not obtain what we think we are meant to have, or do not achieve what others think we should have or achieve. Strong desires always keep us wanting for more, not enjoying what we have. The grass is greener on the other side.

Santosha Recovery is a path of self discovery through Kriya Yoga methodology, techniques, reflection and healing from the inside so that the beauty of life comes to us without having to desire it. Our life's purpose comes into view so we can use our talents, strengths and energy to start living an authentic life that brings us happiness and joy. 

About Santosha Recovery

Santosha Recovery is for anyone who wants to find more happiness and peace in their lives.

Santosha Recovery is a program written for addiction recovery. The founder's own experience is recovery of an alcohol addiction. With this said, this recovery program focus' on ones relationship with self and can aide anyone in healing from the inside to find awareness, happiness and contentedness in their lives. There is one thing that is common in all addictions and in people who are not truly happy and find themselves reacting to life; and that one thing is a lack of contentment. If you have self-acceptance, self-love and balanced self-awareness you would be more content to just be you and just be you no matter what else is going on in the world. All life on earth is a learning. We are here to learn, evolve and mature. People are going to people and do what people do, politicians are going to be politicians, there is still racism in the world but you know what, the Native American Women are standing up to big corps and federal agents daily. Inspiration, strength, and beauty surrounds us! Life happens! And everyday in the life of a yogi brings an opportunity to learn something about ourselves and understand how and why we react the way we do to life. With this awareness and knowledge we will have compassion for the predicaments that we get ourselves in. And with this knowledge we can live more compassionate, understanding, and self-mastered lives. Santosha Recovery is really for anyone who wants to find more joy and acceptance in their lives. There are some absolutely beautiful jewels in life to celebrate. But we get so dang busy trying to seek perfectness or the greener grass on the other side that we miss the beauty inside each and every one of us!! 
So, what I have meant to convey: you do not have to have an alcohol addiction to use this website or come to meetings. But please understand that the writings may be in context with someone who has an addiction. And please feel to reach out to me with questions related to this program. I am here to help. 


SR Sangha Mission Statement

Just as each wave is a part of a limitless and immortal sea, each one of us is a part of a limitless and immortal collective consciousness. Separateness is an illusion that prompts seeking for outside happiness when happiness is within each of us all along. How do I find this authentic happiness and Santosha within? It begins with self-awareness and self-acceptance. And through the practices of Santosha Recovery I open my consciousness to reveal the true nature of self: We are here on earth in these (spacesuits1) to learn about ourselves and mature spiritually, in yogic terms, soften our karma. There is no failure in life. The forces of karma may so strong at times that we cannot resist the temptation of that karma, but if we are self-aware, we learn from each experience and can await a time when we are strong enough to overcome that karma. I seek to be patient with myself, knowing that knowledge comes from experiencing life with all its triumphs and with all its challenges. I seek acceptance for this journey that I am embarking on in this moment. I seek self-love which when revealed, will blossom into unselfish love for all sentient beings.

1Ram Dass

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