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Purpose/Vision of Santosha Recovery

The mind is a prisoner of self made stories. Therefore it reaches out for temporary excitement or fulfillment. The mind knows no contentment when we are on a path of addiction. Everyday in the life of someone who is addicted to alcohol or drugs is a day without control and peacefulness. We get up every morning and the first thought is to challenge ourselves not to drink as much today or start later or end sooner, but most everyday we fail. We can never get enough. We are never content. From a place of Santosha we unshackle the chains of our desires to walk a path of joy, peace, and sober living.  The path of Santosha Recovery is to find self sustaining and lasting contentment through Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance, Self-Love and Self-Mastery. And even though the path can be difficult at times, all that is asked is that everyday, we continue to learn something about ourselves and seek compassion and humble acceptance for the journey we are on at this time.

  • Dharma is Universal Truth; All things are impermanent

  • Dharma is The Essence of a Thing; The dharma of the sun is to give light and heat

  • Dharma is Natural Order; The sun comes up every day in the East and goes down everyday in the West.  

  • Dharma is Our Purpose in Life; Dependent on our station in life, self awareness and our karma

 If you are seeking information from this website, your dharma in life right now is to heal from mind altering addictions.

​I invite you to try the self empowering methodology of Kriya Yoga that is shared within the meetings and within the teachings of Santosha Recovery. All the teachings and techniques have been shared and written from the founder's own direct experience addiction and with the philosophies of Kriya Yoga. 

Purpose of The Founder of SR

My name is Deb Newton I quit drinking in March of 2006. Honestly, it was the hardest thing I have ever done but definitely the most meaningful and important thing I have accomplished!

I used Kriya Yoga techniques, such as hatha yoga, meditation, positive attitude, finding purpose, astrology and reflection, to heal from the inside. I moved to a place of self-awareness and deep reflection to understanding why I react to life the way I do. And this led to self-acceptance and self-mastery. This really is the meaning of yoga. Taking control of our thoughts and actions and growing into our goodness. 

I want to share these techniques with you! 

This is important: I am a recovered alcoholic, not a recovering alcoholic. The karma of my addiction of alcohol is done.

My purpose; my dharma is to share methodology, techniques, and sangha (gathering of people for a common purpose) with those who can benefit from them. Not everyone will resonate. But some of you will! And then we can all help walk each other home!


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